Integrated marketing system for your workshop

Use a simple way to build a modern website integrated with a Google business card and a company Facebook profile.

Step 1

Who is FastTony CarService for?

The application is based on the premise: let the professionals do what they are best at! Let the treatment be in the hands of doctors, let the repair of cars be entrusted to mechanics, and let the advertisements attracting customers do themselves! If you run a workshop and you want it to be perceived as a professional and modern service, this is the perfect solution for you.

The website and social media profiles are more and more often the first form of contact with the client. The website is constantly updated, containing all the necessary contact details and the scope of services provided by the workshop, is not only an advertisement in itself, but also the best showcase of your business.

Step 2

How exactly does it work?

It is enough to spend several minutes at a time to carefully configure the workshop profile at one time. The system will automatically create a website and integrate Facebook and Google profiles, and fill them with content appropriate for your workshop. You should have the website’s logo at hand and some nice, high-resolution photos showing the location. The automated system will take care of the rest!

Configuration time

Time to build the page

Step 3

Maintain a steady relationship with customers

The website is not everything, therefore the system will automatically connect it with the necessary profiles on Facebook and Google. This ensures that all accounts related to the workshop are updated or communicated in one central place. As the system is created in close cooperation with specialists from Google and Facebook, the websites will be 100% compliant with the latest standards and guidelines of these companies. This means that they will appear more often and higher in search engines than websites of other workshops.

Step 4

Acquire new customers

Thanks to the direct integration of the website with Facebook and Google platforms, the system will be able to create dedicated advertising campaigns generating traffic to the website or acquiring contacts that do not require knowledge or advanced knowledge of advertising tools. Basic information such as the type of service, budget and duration of the promotion is sufficient. At the end, thanks to statistical data in an aggregated form, the system in one place, in a simple and transparent way, will answer the age-old questions “How many customers have visited my website?” or “How many customers contacted me thanks to the ad?”

Step 5


The entire marketing department in one compact tool. Find out about the advantages of an integrated marketing system


Website 200zł
Facebook Campaigns 200zł
Google Campaigns 200zł
24/7 campaign support 200zł
Campaign Monitoring 200zł
Campaign Optimization 800zł
Audience analysis 500zł
Remarketing Configuration 300zł
Support 200zł
Training Materials 150zł






Step 6

Check available page templates

Examples of generated web pages of workshops using the application.

The fastest growing tool for car repair shops

Thanks to our hard work, strong community and safety, we are the fastest growing tool for auto repair shops.

Registred accounts


Created ads

Collected leads

Reactions under posts

Business pages

A decent advantage at a decent price

Use all features in one package.

Monthly payment



Modern website
Publishing posts
Automatic ads
Integrated statistics
1 fanpage
No ad limit
No budget limit
No commission on the budget
Activation fee* (+187zł)
24-month contract

Payment every year



A modern website
Publishing posts
Automatic Ads
Integrated statistics
1 fanpage
No ad limit
No budget limit
No commission on the budget
Activation fee* (+187zł)
24-month contract

* Activation fee is combined with the launch of the FastTony CarService tool and an additional option, payable depending on the selected package. All prices on our website are net prices.