We democratize the advertising market!

FastTony applications have only one task. Automate your company’s marketing and sales activities to save you time on important things.

Let your ads make themselves!

Smart FastTony software will analyze 40,000,000 (in words: forty million) criteria in 6 seconds and select the best audience for your posts. All you need to do is to invest 5 minutes ONCE. by answering a few simple questions. The application will automatically configure ads for the posts you select (selected by placing a keyword in the content). No further action will be needed. This is your 100% legal business advantage for your company. Importantly, you have control over every dollar in your advertising budget. Find out more…

Configuration time

Ad creation time

Automate customer service and acquisition

Imagine that every person who comments on your fanpage automatically becomes your (potential) customer. The recipient of the post or ad sees the post that prompts them to write a specific word in the comment. The best option is, of course, when the user enters the selected word (keyword) and additionally marks a person who will like the product and find it useful. As soon as you type a certain word, the automatic assistant speaks almost immediately, asking you to confirm your interest. The last step is to confirm the e-mail or phone number (just the customer clicks) and the contact goes to you.

More leads

Lower acquisition cost

Don’t lose any client anymore

Connect your CRM with the FastTony system and unlock the possibility of targeting ads to your customers at every stage of the sales process. Display your personalized campaigns to customers who should see them. Thanks to this solution, every trader automatically becomes an effective marketing department, despite the lack of sufficient marketing competences. The system automates some of the further interactions with the customer, strengthening the communication of values related to the purchase of your company’s product or service.

Take care of your customers and build your own audience

So far, get calls from your customers. With one slight difference. Your new app automatically encrypts and then syncs phone numbers with custom Facebook audience groups. Now you can show your ads to your private audience. But it is not everything! Additionally, thanks to the application, you can send SMS messages to new, current and best customers.

Call Syncing

Sending a message

The fastest growing social media tool

Our hard work, strong community and security make us the fastest growing social media tool.

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A decent advantage at a decent price

Use all features in one package.



Auto-campaigns on Facebook
Auto-targeting ads
Auto-optimization ads
1 fanpage
1 person
Activation fee* (+93zł) 
12 month contract



Comment moderation
Email Acquisition
Acquisition of tel
1 fanpage
1 person
Activation fee* (+93zł) 
12 month contract**



CRM application
1 fanpage
1 person
Activation fee* (+93zł) 
12-month contract**



Synchronization of numbers
and custom audience
SMS campaigns
1 fanpage
1 person
Activation fee* (+93zł)
12 mont contract

* Activation fee is combined with the launch of the FastTony Smart tool and an additional option, payable depending on the selected package. ** Applications currently in Beta. The planned launch of the service is mid-2021.
All prices on our website are net prices.