Let your ads make themselves!

Don’t waste time making or learning Facebook ads. Now artificial intelligence will do it for you, and you will finally have a moment for yourself.

Step 1

Why do you need Facebook Ads and organic reach is a waste of time?

The era of organic ranges is over. This means that organic reach is like a silent scream in a nightmare when you think you are doing something and no one really hears it and can’t react. What’s more, even if you spend a lot of time publishing valuable content on a regular basis, what’s the point if your message reaches 100, max. 500 people? – No! It’s a waste of your time.

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Step 2

Is Facebook advertising something for me??

As FastTony, we have analyzed tens of thousands of local businesses over the past years. We talked with the owners, we delved into their advertising activities, we conducted consultations and one thing was always the result. Immediately after recommendations, advertising on Facebook is the best source of full-fledged customers. This is one marketing activity that gives you incomparably more than others. It has a minor disadvantage: you need to spend a lot of time in order to use them well. Unless…

Configuration time

Ad creation time

Step 3

Self-study, hiring an advertising agency, or maybe the option to promote post?

You didn’t start a business to become a marketer. You can probably guess that creating a good advertisement and monitoring it in the Ad Manager is a very time-consuming task. When you run a business, you don’t have time for this. You will soon say that it can be outsourced to specialists. This is true, but with small advertising budgets (up to $15 per day), their salary is unacceptably high. Okay, but there’s also a blue button there: Promote post. Maybe this is the solution? Facebook sometimes describes it: “Run an ad to reach customers and increase sales.”. Buy you still need to gen knowlage hot wo configure our ads and still analyze which settings are more effective.

Step 4

Meet the Smart FastTony app

Smart FastTony software will analyze 40,000,000 (in words: forty million) criteria in 6 seconds and select the best audience for your posts. All you need to do is to invest 5 minutes ONCE. by answering a few simple questions. The application will automatically configure ads for the posts you select (selected by placing a keyword in the content). No further action will be needed. This is your 100% legal business advantage for your company.

Importantly, you have control over every dollar in your advertising budget. Forget about hours spent running ads once and for all. Smart FastTony App:

  • delivers customers instead of likes
  • automatically optimizes the campaign based on millions of combinations
  • allows you to define who, at what, for how much and what to see
  • reports the results of work on an ongoing basis
  • he does not complain, he does not take time off

Step 5

Is there another way?

Of course. You can still spend hours and hours figuring out the right target audience and then monitoring your ad’s performance. However, you can delegate this work to a machine that will work for you 24/7, and you will finally find time for your loved ones, time for strategic thinking about your business, time for yourself. How long does ad service take? Take a look at the comparison below:

Creating and configuring an ad manually

Automatic ad creation and configuration

Manual analysis and optimization

Manual analysis and optimization

Step 6

Who is FastTony Smart for?

FastTony Smart will benefit most everyone who:

  • runs a small or local business (beauty salons, hairdressers, dentists, mechanics and many other types of companies) or E-commerce
  • he is just learning how to handle Facebook ads and he devotes too much time to it, which could be spent with his loved ones
  • looking for customers instead of Facebook likes
  • looks for smart solutions to save money in the company – the self-learning algorithm allows you to enjoy low rates
  • wants to automate ad handling to have more time

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Step 7

Nie wiesz, jak skorzystać z narzędzia (krok po kroku)?

Smart FastTony is a tool that allows you to hire Facebook for little money every day. After purchasing the app, all you have to do is spend a maximum of 5 minutes setting up one ad. In the questionnaire you answer the following questions:

  • Have you ever bought fans on FB (honestly!)?
  • Where do you run your business (is it a local or national company)?
  • What is your website address? (optional)
  • Do you have a Facebook pixel attached (if not, you need to paste the appropriate tracking code)?
  • Based on the keyword you choose, which posts should the machine promote?
  • What is the daily budget and ad duration?

Everything! It really is that simple!

Get peace of mind

A good entrepreneur can be recognized by actions that wisely save money. With the FastTony application, you can make all ads faster and, above all, cheaper:

Traditional model

Launching the ad: target group (age, gender, interests, location), place of display, bids, optimization model, daily budget, monitoring

30 min. daily x 30 days = 15 hours

Answer yourself, but I assume your rate is> 100 PLN / hour



FastTony Smart


Use the app.
Answer 5 questions.

5 minutes / once

69 PLN / month (without limiting the number of ads)





Campaign budget


Cost per click



A decent advantage at a decent price

Use all features in one package. Try Smart FastTony for 7 days or pay for a year in advance.

Monthly payment



1 fanpage
No ad limit
No budget limit
No commission on the budget
One-time training* (+112zł)
12-month contract

Payment every year



1 fanpage
No ad limit
No budget limit
No commission on the budget
One-time training* (+93zł)
12-month contract

* One-time training is combined with the launch of the FastTony Smart tool and an additional option, payable depending on the selected package. All prices on our website are net prices.

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